Connected with Nature for a unique experience.
Sites et Paysages is an independent network comprising over fifty 3 to 5 star campsites in France’s loveliest regions, close to locations which are renowned as natural and cultural references.
Sites et Paysages was born in 1982 through a common passion of a group of owners for Nature and their region.
All the campsites provide a unique experience for tourists, which is based on the area, the owner and the local people, and which is part of a movement known as “Participitative Tourism”.
An encounter to be experienced, based on authenticity and sharing, for which each owner acts as an ambassador.

Our campsite BEL’EPOQUE DU PILAT is part of the ‘Sites et Paysages’ network which aims to promote places offering accommodation and pitches in the great outdoors. The range of comfort offered is varied, but each accommodation enjoys a close connection to the natural world in the broadest sense. The aim is to offer visitors and their families an opportunity to experience the most beautiful regions in France, each with its unique characteristics and heritage. In total, the network comprises over 50 locations and BEL’EPOQUE DU PILAT is, of course, one of them. You will enjoy staying somewhere that is a family size and which is focused on promoting meaningful interactions not just between holidaymakers and staff, but also between tourists and the natural world around them.

A campsite surrounded by nature

There are over 50 campsites throughout France in the ‘Sites et Paysages’ campsites network. It is the perfect way to enjoy the best spots, wherever you wish to go. It does not just include the Vosges Mountains of course.  This is what makes this quality mark so great, as it covers the whole country, allowing you to explore more than just one region.

The advantages for tourists

Why choose a ‘Sites et Paysages’ campsite? First and foremost, you will enjoy a real sense of getting away from it all during your holiday. This is certainly an important plus. Your holiday will be a chance to really unwind and to rediscover the pleasure of connecting with nature. A loyalty card , the “CAMPINGTOUR” is also available on all sites. When you spend 4 nights on a site in France or Spain, you get a stamp, and after 4 stamps (over 2 years), you get to enjoy 5 free nights on the site of your choice ! This is an additional benefit and another reason for choosing a ‘Sites et Paysages’ campsite for any forthcoming holiday, whether you are hoping to stay in the countryside, the mountains or beside the sea.